What We Do For You

Let us handle the busywork to make your business grow faster and easier. We streamline your monthly marketing, website and social media, as well as client outreach into one organized package. And as your company grows, you can quickly scale infrastructure without losing sight of a great customer experience or the reason you started your business in the first place. 

Don't wait another minute! We are ready to provide you with the easiest and fastest ways to attract more business today! 

Within the fast-paced digital world, there are great options for finding the right tools and resources you need to engage and attract customers everyday. As work schedules get busier, Brand Repair Inc. implements the easiest strategy to provide your clients top-notch content and digital interaction without the frustration of expensive marketing or technical learning curves.  


Whether you need a completely new branding strategy or a plan to rebrand your business over time, we create tools to connect your company to the right market. We leave no stone unturned so that infrastructure can scale with growth, customers stay engaged, and your brand thrives.

Social Media

We plan, manage, and post content for all platforms of social media, as well as improve those important reviews and testimonials. We can create blogs, articles, and effective email marketing campaigns to target specific customers.

logo design

Logos are a major asset when creating a business. Customers remember logos, it's the biggest part of brand awareness, so make it a great one! We also help refresh & redesign outdated logos.

Website design

The biggest tool to reach customers is with an amazing mobile-friendly website. We create websites that utilize the best ways to grab more customers and retain important data so that your business can outperform the competition.

affiliate program

We offer one of the best Affiliate Programs out there! Put some extra cash in your pocket, start at $250/week with lots of room to grow! Email us today to find out how to become an Affiliate!


SEO strategy

Let us fully customize your website and digital assets to be a Google star! We analyze your SEO and Google Analytics to place you at the top of search rankings. 


Need an expert to create, manage, and direct a marketing project with successful results? We love working on

advertising for print, digital, and video production. 


Developing a digital strategy for a brand can get complicated, especially while working within budget and time constraints. Our experts work closely with your business to tackle and execute every detail.